Friday, June 8, 2012

The Fear of Sinners

People make me so mad. I am fed up with people. They claim to be such good Christians, and then they judge people and act like homophobes, and act like people who are different from them are lower than humans. It makes me even more mad that there are people like that in my own nuclear family.

Words really can’t describe how upset I am right now. As Christians, we are to be a light to the rest of this dark world. We are not supposed to judge and alienate those who are different from us. We are supposed to reach out to others and help them feel the love of Christ through us. I understand that we are not supposed to embrace others’ sin, but we are definitely supposed to embrace the sinner! 

We might be the only Christian influence in someone’s life, and to turn them away simply because they are different from us the most heartbreaking thing I can think of. Who are we to say that someone isn’t worth our love or the love of Christ simply based on the color of their skin, or the sins they committed in their past? If this were how people were truly judged, we ourselves would never make it to the Kingdom of Heaven!

Not saying that I am not guilty of any of these things. I have definitely done my fair share of judging.  But I’m saying we should try our very hardest to lead others to the love of Christ through our loving attitudes towards others.

Okay, I’m cooled down a little now, so I’ll get off my soapbox. :P

Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Photography Page!

I'm really trying to get my photography going, so I started a new page on Facebook, Sarah Jane Photography! Click on the image to connect to the page. Please check it out, and like it! I haven't posted much, but I will be working on that today. I'm excited! :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

I Remember...

I remember everything.
The warmth of your body, the smell of your skin. The way your hand slid down my arm. The way your fingers entwined perfectly with mine. Your lip turned up ever so slightly when you were trying not to smile.
My clothes smelled like you constantly. Hours of lying on your chest, talking, kissing.
Oh, your kisses....
Everything in me knew that it was wrong. But everything in me wanted it to stay just the way it was. There was no future, nothing but the present feeling of loving you.
I feel this separation like a death. Don’t push me away.
Stepping backwards. I need clarity. Why must you be perfectly fine? I wish for my sake that this was killing you as much as it is killing me.

I don't know why I let it go too far,
Starting over - it's so hard.
Seems like everywhere I try to go,
I keep thinking of you. - Mario

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cheaters Never Prosper

So I'm having some trouble understanding something. Maybe you all can help me out. Why is it that guys these days can't seem to stick to one girl?
Over the past few semesters, I've had several guys come to me asking for dates or various other "favors" only to find out that they were already dating someone else.
At first I thought maybe I was just so hot they couldn't control themselves. But then I find out that they were also hitting on some of my friends.
Da fuq?
Guys, if you're already in a relationship with a nice, pretty girl, why are you going behind her back like that and trying to cheat with someone else?
Excuses I've heard include this one: "Well, I'm not married to her." Well honey, if you're not wanting to commit to one person, why are you even in a serious relationship? You could be perfectly happy single, just dating around without being in a relationship. Bold for emphasis.
I wonder if the guys realize how much they would be hurting their girlfriend if she found out they were talking to someone else. Then I wonder if they would even care. Then I get mad. Then that could be an entirely different discussion.
But for real, I just don't understand this. Sigh.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


In my Advanced Public Relations class, my teacher brought along a guest speaker this evening- the public affairs officer from Fort Knox!
He gave a great little presentation and then provided us with some information on the Army public affairs internship program. That information is what I was really looking to get a hold of.
My family, as far back as I care to check has been involved in the military, and lately I have been wondering if it possibly in the stars for me to follow that same route. I have been thinking that my options lie somewhere in sports or missions. But why restrict or limit myself? 
The Army internship program would be an awesome experience, and it's a paid position. Who can beat that? It's competitive to get into, but isn't everything?
Definitely up for some discussion.
Well, presentation in the a.m. Must sleep now.


Today is now Wednesday. So yesterday was Tuesday. Which means the day before was Monday. Monday! What was Monday? Speed testing!
Monday afternoon at regular practice time, our Campbellsville University football team did speed testing. All the guys were out there in their clingy spandex shorts and shirts (or no shirts), trying to be aerodynamic and move it as fast as possible. Gotta love it!
After the testing, they ran through some plays instead of simply going through the same exercise drills over and over. It was a nice change, and it definitely felt like spring! They need to get into their pads, already.
Not going to lie, I saw a lot of talent out on the field on Monday, and I'm really thinking next season is going to be our best yet. Thank goodness. I'll be a senior. Which means, it will be my last football season at Campbellsville University. :( Definitely going to want to see those W's!
Get it, boys.

"Jesus, Our Joy"

So. It is technically Wednesday at the moment, but I'm pretending it's still Tuesday.
This evening, the Campbellsville University School of Music, along with the Central Kentucky Arts Series, presented the world premiere of "Jesus, Our Joy", by Ralph Manuel.
The event was held at the Ransdell Chapel, and the composer was in the building! It was phenomenal!
The music was stirring, and the words, penned by Brazillian poet Gióia Júnior, were fresh and original.
There were also nine black people singing in the chorus. Impressive for Campbellsville. And Alpha was singing in it, lol. Major bonus. ;)