Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Today is now Wednesday. So yesterday was Tuesday. Which means the day before was Monday. Monday! What was Monday? Speed testing!
Monday afternoon at regular practice time, our Campbellsville University football team did speed testing. All the guys were out there in their clingy spandex shorts and shirts (or no shirts), trying to be aerodynamic and move it as fast as possible. Gotta love it!
After the testing, they ran through some plays instead of simply going through the same exercise drills over and over. It was a nice change, and it definitely felt like spring! They need to get into their pads, already.
Not going to lie, I saw a lot of talent out on the field on Monday, and I'm really thinking next season is going to be our best yet. Thank goodness. I'll be a senior. Which means, it will be my last football season at Campbellsville University. :( Definitely going to want to see those W's!
Get it, boys.

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