Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cheaters Never Prosper

So I'm having some trouble understanding something. Maybe you all can help me out. Why is it that guys these days can't seem to stick to one girl?
Over the past few semesters, I've had several guys come to me asking for dates or various other "favors" only to find out that they were already dating someone else.
At first I thought maybe I was just so hot they couldn't control themselves. But then I find out that they were also hitting on some of my friends.
Da fuq?
Guys, if you're already in a relationship with a nice, pretty girl, why are you going behind her back like that and trying to cheat with someone else?
Excuses I've heard include this one: "Well, I'm not married to her." Well honey, if you're not wanting to commit to one person, why are you even in a serious relationship? You could be perfectly happy single, just dating around without being in a relationship. Bold for emphasis.
I wonder if the guys realize how much they would be hurting their girlfriend if she found out they were talking to someone else. Then I wonder if they would even care. Then I get mad. Then that could be an entirely different discussion.
But for real, I just don't understand this. Sigh.

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